Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Age of Ideas

One of the hardest parts about any project is starting it. There are tons of different reasons for this. Some people get hung up on the perfect first sentence, or spend hours trying to come up with the perfect character name. Some people might have trouble fitting their character's description into the narrative. My personal problem? I never want to commit to a single idea. The beginning of a project always marks a time of uncertainty for me, a time in which idea after idea chases through my head, begging to be written. If I ever start on one, the others all suddenly seem so much more appealing.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Take a Chance

So, finals are nearly upon us, and I've got tons of programming to do for the next three weeks, so I doubt I'll have more posted until then. I do have a challenge though, for you writers who may happen to see this. Next time you have a few minutes to spare, sit down and write something different. Something you don't usually write, maybe something you don't even read. For me it was a romantic short story written on a bet, and I was surprised at how hard it was to write. I've always known little details were a weak point of mine, and trying to hit at attraction or feelings subtly really brought that fact to attention.

So if you usually write romance, take a shot at horror. If you love horror, take a shot at comedy. If you want, share your work or what you learned in the comments. Even if it comes out as poorly written as mine did, trying and experimenting is how writers get better, right? Well, that's my two cents for the day. Back to sorting algorithms and proofs.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chapter 2: Deal With the Devil

“I don’t make deals with spirits,” Sebastian said, pushing the journal away. He realized a moment later the journal was Master Ellard’s and snatched it from the spirit’s hands.

“You haven’t even heard what I’m offering,” Ezra said with an exaggerated pout as he circled around them.

“Whatever it is, it’s not worth it,” Haley said. “Nothing good comes from dealing with spirits.”

“Well, alright then,” Ezra said, shrugging. “I just hope you’ll be able to care for poor little Alicia on your own.”

“What do you mean?”

“It should be obvious by now.” Ezra approached the desk and leaned against it with both hands. “Gaston Ellard is gone, spirited away by who knows what. Without him, your apprenticeship will end, unless you can find another kind soul to take you in as your master. Without your apprenticeship, you go back to being a gifted young man, wasting away in poverty, and Alicia goes with you.”

“And you can keep that from happening?” Sebastian hesitated. “Just what are you offering?”

“My help. I will give you what you need to find Lord Ellard.”

“And what do you want in return?”

Ezra spun toward him and grinned. “I need a job done, and something tells me you’re just the man to ask.”

“What is it?”

“I need you to find a man. Gaston Ellard.”

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chapter 1: The Apprentice and the Witch

The first chapter of my work in progress, which doesn't have a name yet. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. To those of you who know me from other sites, I came up with the character Ezra before I started using it as a screen name, and he's not meant to be me.

CHAPTER 1: The Apprentice and the Witch

The mirror was broken. Not cracked; it simply wasn’t working. Sebastian sighed and wiped at his eyes. A few moments later his reflection did the same.

“What do you think?” he asked, turning to look at the cat sitting on the table. It was huge, with lean muscle and shiny black fur. It stared at him wordlessly with deep, amber eyes. “A lot of good you are.” He leaned forward and tapped on the glass. His reflection tapped back silently.

“I have no idea what’s wrong with it,” Sebastian admitted. “I’ll work on it in the morning.”

The cat hissed and leapt silently to the floor.

“Alright, alright,” he said, holding his hands up in surrender. “Who needs sleep anyway?”

The cat turned away with a dismissive flick of its tail and sauntered out of the room.

“Damn slave driver,” Sebastian grumbled

A New Blog for a New Project

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog, Left Write and Center. Don't look at me like that, all the good names were taken. I'll be posting work on my newest project here, as well as ramblings, lessons I learn about writing, and detailing my trip through the publishing process.

 While I hope my writing will speak for itself, it wouldn't hurt to talk a little bit about myself. I'm a college student majoring in computer science, and I've been in love with storytelling for as long as I can remember. I've completed two novels, though I've never been published. The only novel I've submitted to agents was far from being ready, and I still have the rejection letters around somewhere for when I need a good laugh. I've spent the past year or so working on my craft with stories I have no intention of publishing, and I think it's time to dive back in with a new idea.

 Man the coffee maker, stock the pantries, and hold on tight.